Benjamin's Words

From Benjamin (from Matara):

"This week marks three years in Matara.  Before we came here we were like modern-day slaves.  Growing up it was common knowledge that Batwa did not know how to build a house.  We only knew how to build grass huts and we were never able to grow food. 
We owned nothing, so when our slave master told us to go away, we were able to go within minutes.

It was only a dream that one day I could live in a real house.  By God's grace I was selected to come here, to Matara. Our friends helped us get this land. Now look at all these houses (he is pointing all around Matara where everyone has their own home). These are OUR houses,
 these are not for someone else, these are for us. 

Before we came here we looked very different. Now all our kids are in school...something we were never able to do.  Now when we are sick we can go to the doctor because we have ID cards 
and birth certificates for our children. 

One thing I will never forget about being a slave is that you work all year for nothing and every generation lives like that.  That story seemed to never end. I had decided to never get married because I did not want to bring a family into this situation. Now I have six kids! Today I go to work and when the day is over I go home to my family.  We are citizens like everyone else!"

Then everyone sings a song.  When translated, they were singing, "Even the angels would be surprised the Batwa have arrived." My heart smiles...thank you God for letting us be a small part of this!


dyan smith said...

Oh Sherry, I thought nothing could be more beautiful than the pictures. I was wrong. dyan

sherry said...

So glad you are following the story Dyan! Love you!

Laura Shook said...

I am crying... I am so thankful that God let us be a part of this story!! I love it!

sherry said...

It's a beautiful story - thank you so much Laura, it's because of you guys that we are a part of it! Love you!!