God Remembers

As I close this journal door on my time in Burundi {I know, I know - I'm behind}, I'll leave you with just a few things...If you remember in my first post here I shared about the Batwa village leader that Mark met who was named "no name" because his parents knew there was no future for him and no reason to put any thought into his name. He told Mark that he felt God had forgotten the Batwa. Mark told him that God has not forgotten them and neither would we (COF).

Well, here is Iribuka...

She is the first child born in the village of Matara (read the Burundi Posts below this one first to catch this entire story).

Guess what her name means?

It means, "God Remembers."


There are many children in Matara, it's a place bouncing with energy and smiles and love. One of my favorite moments of the trip is playing with the children. I have such a hard time wishing I could communicate with them. But God created a universal language for us - it's called LOVE, SMILES & LAUGHTER!

This is my favorite photo of the entire trip!

I had so much fun on this trip - and this moment was just for me - and it makes me laugh out loud every single time I see this photo. It will be framed for sure! I can't wait to watch Iribuka and these children grow up!

Thank you so much my friends for your prayer support and financial support to go to Africa. I really am so grateful for each of you! I hope you've enjoyed this journey with me. I know I can't do it any justice - you need to see it for yourself!

I'll leave you with my pics in a slideshow set to a song. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you again!


christie lacy said...

your image are beautiful and priceless and I'm so happy that you got to go on this trip. I love you and your heart for missions. Thanks for blessing me with this!

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me see the Batwa through your eyes! What a lovely perspective you have!