"The Ones We Love Have Come" - Burundi Video

Below is a video with some footage and interviews from some of my friends on the trip. We produced this video to fit within a message at my church, so it's focused on generosity, but it captures some of the times I've shared about in my blogs below. To really connect to the video, please read the 3 blogs below first to connect to the experience.

"We are Family" - Burundi Day One

"No One Has Died This Year" - Burundi Day Two
"Our Names Are Written Down" - Burundi Day Three

If you wanna watch it larger - click the 4 arrows next to the word vimeo at the bottom! For an even better experience, after you click the 4 arrows - click the HD (to turn it on) in the upper right corner after you hit play!

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eddu said...

How sweet it was of you to post the video..I and my wife really enjoy it..thank you. everytime I look at my pics I think of Matara and those wonderful folks that I saw and went with...your video just makes it so much more fun..

Ed Yale