No Mo Oatmeal...

So typically on Fridays Donald, Matthew, Robin and I meet up at the church to talk production and pray a little together. Well, this past Friday Donald and Robin were sick, so it was just Matthew and I. He was over working on one of his many computers and I was on my macbook across the room.

Donald sent me an IM asking about a graphic and then he sent me another IM saying this was the latest forward from his brother. It was a hysterical youtube link about "No Mo Breakfast..." Donald laughed and was joking around saying we could play it at our new 8:30 AM service. So I sat and watched the whole thing through. I IM'ed Donald back and said, "Dude, where does he find this stuff..." and to which Donald replied, "I have NO idea..." We went on about how the girl looked half asleep...etc...laughing....

Well about that time Matthew rolls his chair across the room to see what we're talking about and I restart the video for him to watch and again we are laughing out loud...then in a few minutes into it, Matthew looks up to the info bar on youtube and says to me, "hey, isn't that your hometown?"

At that point I about LOST it laughing! It was the "Mornin' Show" in Tupelo...hahaha! I laughed sooo hard and IM'ed Donald back to say, "Hey, man, that video is from my hometown...hahaha!" Then I said, "See why I left!" (only kidding Tupelo, I love you!) But it was hysterical. Now I know why the lady looks half asleep, it's because she probably was, I know the Mornin' show used to be taped like at 4am or something...hahaha!

So here it is for your enjoyment, a little piece of Tupelo, Mississippi!! Ha! (It's not all like that! ha!)

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Christie Lacy said...

hilarious!! I can't stop the tears :)