For the first time since I can remember I wasn't home in Mississippi with family this Thanksgiving! But I did have my Houston family here that took me in and shared a wonderful time together. I'm so thankful for the Shool's and how God placed them in my life from the beginning of my time here in Texas. Actually I met and connected with my "Mama Marianne" even before that, when I came here on an interview. They are precious to me and certainly have the gift of hospitality! Here's a pic of our Thanksgiving table...

After lunch/dinner...we played games. I try to spend one night a week with the Shool's for what we call family dinner night. They have us all hooked on this dice game called 10,000. It's a fun game to play with alot of people! Well, Marianne gave me some dice of my own yesterday...so now I can start getting all my friends here hooked on it too :)

So my next Thanksgiving/Christmas party is Sunday...and we will be playing 10,000 with my new dice!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, ha.. We call it "farkle-dice"