Oaxaca - Day 2

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to this. I like to process through things and have plenty of time to put it all together…so now, hopefully I’m back on track. If you missed Day 1, please check out the blog below or by clicking here.

On our second day in Oaxaca, we went to church where our missionaries Kerry & Mauri attend. Their pastor, Marceleno, travels with them to do the work in the villages. I want to spend this post talking about him.

sorry his eyes are closed

I am so impressed with Marceleno (I hope I’m spelling his name right). By the time Sunday services had come, we had already spent a full day with him working in a village. I had not had much time to interact with him because he spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish and we were working in a village the entire day.

The morning of the first day, Kerry and Mauri told us that before they picked us up for our day up the mountain that he’d been up for several hours helping a member of his own community with an issue. I didn’t think much about it then…but while sitting in church the next day, during his message (because I couldn’t understand), it gave me time to really think about him. By nature, I am an observer/processor. I can watch people for awhile, how they interact with others, and feel like I know them as well as if I’d spent hours in conversation with them. So on this Sunday, I was thinking about Marceleno, and God showed me a lot about his leadership as a pastor, but more so about his character and heart.

Not only is he pastoring a church, but he’s up in the wee hours of the morning on a weekday helping a member of his own community, AND he’s also spending the majority of his time up in villages with people who could NEVER, EVER attend his church. He is passionate about it! This told me a lot about him. It told me that it’s not about getting numbers into his own church (those village people would never be able to attend his church) but it’s totally about building relationship with people to either have the opportunity to share Christ with them, or to just follow God’s command to help the poor.

This man spends his life serving the community around him, but more of it with people who would never be a “number” in his church. That’s proof to me that his heart is pure and his priorities are straight about what is important to God. It’s not about how many people we can get into our own church, but how many people we can get into God’s kingdom. And it’s about doing what God asks us to do as Christ followers: “…whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” Proverbs 14:31

There’s this phrase David Shook uses (our Communityfor Director) ….Kingdom Business, we call it kb for short. I like that phrase! Thank you for letting me share a minute about just one of many people who are changing the world doing God’s kingdom business. Pray for him today!

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