Oaxaca - Day 1

We are having a wonderful time in Oaxaca! On Saturday, we took off up the mountain for a 2 hour drive to go visit a village. We came to the house of a lady where we were going to give her water. Kerry (our missionary) was putting together 2 tanks and a submersible pump to pump the water from the river down below up the hill to a tank near her house. In return for this service, this lady was to share it with her whole village.

Most of the work was pretty heavy duty, so Kaye and I, and Mauri (our missionary) got to hang out with the mom and her daughter Maria. Maria was about 8 years old and very smart. I love the fact that you can go to a country and not know the language and still be able to communicate. Sure, there were times that I wished I could speak with her. But it was so fun to be able to communicate with her all day non-verbally.

Maria doesn't go to school. There were no 'neighborhood kids' around. She spends the day by herself all day with her mom doing chores. I felt for her as I thought about the fact that she doesn't really have anyone else to play with. I know she doesn't know any different, but it's difficult to see a child and not see them playing with others. Her life certainly is very different from the world we know.

Maria loves flowers. We spent the day with her going up and down a big hill collecting bouquets of flowers. She was precious as she explained to us in Spanish what each flower was.

After a while, we came back up to the house and Maria asked me to write in English on a pad of paper and she would copy me. I wrote all types of things on her paper. She wrote the alphabet in English twice and then I began to write sentences and let her copy them. I wondered if some day she'd be able to speak English, so just in case, I wrote her sentences like, "Maria you are very special." "Maria, God loves you," etc. I think it would be pretty cool if in a few years she could remember the white girl who visited her and be able to read those messages from me in English. My prayer is that someday she would be able to attend school. They say she cannot attend because of her vision, but it's probably about school fee's and uniforms.

At the end of the day we loaded the truck and stood in a circle and Kerry asked how we could pray for them. I couldn't understand very much because it was all in Spanish, but at times Mauri would translate for me. Their only means of survival is the corn they grow on the mountain, and this year has been tough for them because the soil isn't fertile and they had too much rain this year, so they had no crop. They are having a pretty bad year. They also asked us to pray for their other two children who are struggling with different things in their family.

I sat there as I watched our missionary, Kerry; share from deep within his heart. I was touched as he had tears streaming down his cheeks as he explained how big God was and how God cares for them. I watched as the older brother in the family tried to hide his tears as Kerry talked. It was very touching. Kerry and Mauri are doing a wonderful job here with the people of Oaxaca, and their love for them is very evident in everything they do. We are lucky to have them on board with us at Community of Faith. And I am lucky to be here to witness their wonderful work.

Right now I am waiting on them to come pick us up to take us to church, so I'm excited. More later!

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