Who Are You Asking?

I've been completely overwhelmed by how God is working with a particular project in my ministry. It's just in it's "thoughts" and development phases, but I have been amazed how God has brought all different unconnected types of people into my life that all might have a part in this ministry...either by advice, or experience or knowledge, or partnership. And none of them have been connected before.

At the same time, I see little "seeds" that God is planting within our staff and church members to begin the process of opening our hearts to this very different type of ministry.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy for thinking so big. Most of the time people don't believe me when I speak out big dreams...and then they happen. This project is BIG. It's dangerous, it seems impossible, and I have no idea what I'm doing or how I'd do it. But I guess that's the best place to be, that way no one can get credit for it except God.

Just yesterday I spent hours and hours talking to people, scouring the internet to get answers to my "how" and "what" questions. I was finding NOTHING. Then I just stopped....

A voice in my head (or should I say my heart) said, "Sherry, who are you asking?"

I was looking for conferences, looking for people to do the impossible, looking for people with past experience with what I wanted to do, looking at the internet to find someone who could help me...all adding to my frustration because I was finding NOTHING.

And then I realized....

I hadn't asked THE One who knows.

Yes, sometimes I'm an idiot. So I asked Him....

and I already see Him working!

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