Hit Us When We Are Down....

Yes, the enemy does attack us at our weakest points, but we can't just think of satan as this sneaky serpent who nibbles just at our exposed weak parts. Sometimes he attacks us at our strongest points. We have to also see him as someone who can hammer hard at our very strengths.

Think about how he caused Peter to fall - by striking him where he thought he was strong - his ability to command leadership.
Sampson - his strength was his weakness...and satan knew it.
Job - satan trapped him in his integrity - his strongest spiritual asset.

Have you ever felt the same thing? That in a place where you feel strong is where satan tripped you up? Where you felt secure, he stripped naked? Like Job, have you ever thought too highly of your strength and then it became your pride? and then when pride entered, the enemy helped develop a blind spot?

Even with Jesus, satan tried to throw him off by attacking his sonship. "If You are the Son of God, command that these stones..." (Matthew 4:3). Of course satan knew Jesus was God's son; and acting on that knowledge, he tried to shrewdly twist Jesus' strongest element into something devious.

So keep your eye out on your strengths, the devil is not always creeping around hidden, sometimes he will hit you exactly where you think you are strong by creating a blind spot through your/our pride in our strengths. That simply means...I must be careful to let my strengths simply be my strengths, but never my boasts.

What are your strengths? watch out!

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