Prisca's Story

Today has been another hard day. I want to share another child’s story with you so you can pray for her. Her name is Prisca:

She is 10 years old. Prisca lives with her aunt because her father committed suicide last year and her mother just died on Saturday. She has one baby sister who has also moved with her to her aunt’s home.

They both sleep on the floor in the sitting room. They do not get breakfast or any dinner. Sometimes they will get lunch. She says she is very hungry.

I also asked her if she attended church and she said she attended Zion Church and my Zambian partner told me that this church is part of a cult.

She cried a lot today as we talked and prayed with her. I sobbed thinking how this little one just lost her mother a couple of days ago and her father just last year from suicide. Now she is hungry, sleeping on the floor and not sure if she is going to be taken care of.

Please pray for Prisca. I did see her smiling a little towards the end of the day today.

Pray also for me. This is a very emotional thing we are doing. God has entrusted us these children for one week to try to make a difference in their lives. I don’t just want to give them one, good, happy week. But I want to give them something that will change them on the inside. We feel sooo helpless because we can’t do much to change their circumstances, but we do have the power to help change what happens to them on the inside. We are sharing Jesus with them through our own stories…pray that she will receive and understand the message of Christ this week.

I am still pretty sick. I have run fever all day and feel like I have the flu, but I think it’s just a really bad sinus infection from all the wind and dust here. Pray I get better before the plane ride home. I am on antibiotics now.

Thank you for sharing in these children’s lives with me!

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