Keep looking for more info on the Africa trip. I am processing right now and will have some updates on that soon. But it is so great to be back. I have missed worship here at Community of Faith. I am the program director for our services, and I've really missed it. I hated that we came back midday on a Sunday, so I have to wait all week for a weekend service. So I'm pretty excited that it's almost here.

I was reading today in my book, "Daily with the King." The title of this chapter is 'Unadorned Worship.' It says, God is the most complex being in the universe; yet when it comes to His relationship to people, He wants utter simplicity. The altar the Israelites were to build for God was to be of unhewn stones, with no tool or cutting instrument used upon it (Expdus 20:25).

The message is clear. God knows man's tendency to adorn, to artify, to decorate a thing until man's talent overshadows the instrument itself.

I am thankful that COF doesn't try to "flower" things up in our services. It's neat to try to be excellent, but simple; so that we don't mess up God's message that He wants to get through.

There's this fine balance we must all find. We want all the nice technology (which I think we have). We want to be creative (which I think we are)....but we have to make sure we don't do those things to show OUR talent off. And yes, we have plenty of talent at Community of Faith, I am astounded by it at times. All the way from our pastor's to our worship leaders, our band, our tech people, our greeters and parking lot people...they are all amazing. But we have to make sure that its not our talent that shows, but our relationship. It's about our motive: we have to make sure that we want people to want the relationship we have with God, not the talent we have. Hopefully, when people see our relationship with God, and how simple it is to have it, then hopefully they will want the same.

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Anonymous said...

I added you to the links on my blog. I miss you, Sherry. I'm glad you went- I'm glad you are back.
I was reading in the "voices of the faithful" devotional (ed. Beth Moore) one day and a quote really hit me. The particular missionary who was writing commented they had visited a different international church from their "normal" church. A tattered hand lettered sign on the wall read "the harvest is rotting".
I love you for going, for inspiring and mobilizing others to go. Africa is such a needy continent. Name one that isn't! But the stories of life there really do hit a tender place in my heart.
I hope to see you next time we come to Houston. It's been too long.