June 9, 2008 - London

I haven’t had time to really write yet. On the way to Africa we had about a 7 hour layover in London, so a few of us decided to take the underground from Heathrow into London for a whirlwind tour. We came through security and then went over to exchange some money. Then we went to change clothes. We then went to a place called Left Luggage (yeah, I know….good name huh!) and dropped off our carryon bags that we didn’t want to haul around London. Then we went to purchase a day pass for the London underground and boarded a train for a 45 minute ride into London. We had about 4 hours to kill, so we decided to eat at a street vendor instead of burning a lot of time that way. We had some kind of pastry that we were told was a local treat. Then we took off. Over the course of the day we visited, Big Ben and the London Eye, Parliament House, Westminster Abbey, The London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. Whew...I’m tired just thinking about it! But it was a ton of fun and now I can truly say that I’ve visited London now!

While we were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Africa there was a British lady there and asked what we did in London and we told her all we did in 4 hours and she said that we’d seen more of London than she has! We laughed! We were just exhausted enough to sleep on the plane to Africa, which was perfect to get on the African time schedule! Check out some pics below.

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