Pipe Cleaners

It's amazing how Pipe Cleaners are more frequently used for anything other than cleaning a pipe. I wonder if the person who invented it bent it to any kind of shape, just playing with it while coming up with the idea of it.

My nephew, Jonah, loves to play and bend pipe cleaners into all sorts of shapes. He even has instruction books....he can make a daisy, roses, tigger...basically anything you ask him too. You can make that kid happy by going to Hobby Lobby and buying $3 worth of pipe cleaners. He's always making his Nana something. Last Christmas when I was home, he made me a daisy. I have stored it in my pen bucket on my desk and when I see it, it often makes me think of him.

So, the other day at one of our Africa meetings they were talking about how we are asked to share Christ with the children we are working with. The organization we are going with uses the evangecube. I'd rather not. I'd rather share it in my own way. They said this was fine, but that the children like a visual. So I stored that in the backburner of my mind to think about when I had time. "Find a creative way to share Jesus with little African kids." It was on the backburner for awhile.

But last week I was sitting at my desk and I saw my pipecleaner daisy that my nephew made that is in my pen bucket. I picked it up and began to think about it. Do you remember the olden days when people used to share Christ with kids using different color beads on a bracelet? I've always hated using those those things in certain countries because you use the black bead to symbolize bad and the white bead to symbolize good. And you're the white person talking to the dark colored person (most often)....that's just not good to me. So I avoid those bracelets. BUT I did come up with a pretty cool way to share Jesus with kids using pipe cleaners. I wont explain it now...maybe I'll get it on video while in Africa and you can see it then.

But tonight my sister in law called and I told her to let Jonah know that his pipe cleaner flowers were being used to share who Jesus is to kids in Africa. I'm excited about that...I hope he is too!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry,
Ginger and I will be praying for your safe and fruitful trip to Africa. God bless you!!!
-Ken Knapp-