The Blame Game

Ok...I'm about to give a big shout out to a fabulous book. It's a daily devotional book called, "Daily With The King," by W. Glyn Evans. Our Executive Pastor at our church, (some of us call him Papa Shook - because he's the father of our Senior Pastor), he stands in a circle of men who are the wisest men I've known. One day in staff meeting he mentioned that this was the best devotional book he'd ever read, and of course as soon as he said it, you could see 10 or 15 people writing the name down. He's sort of like EF Hutton, if he says something...everyone listens. (who is EF Hutton, I've always wondered, so I looked it up....if you wanna know...read here...but only after you've finished reading my blog...lol!)

ANYWAY...so I'm reading the May 29th devotional and it's about blaming God. I began to reflect on the times that things haven't gone my way...and because of it I'd had some "sessions" with God with me questioning him. Now I know God is big enough to handle my times when I don't understand Him. But there's a big difference in trusting Him when you don't understand and blaming Him when things don't go your way.

In this devotional he says, "The world blames God daily. There is not a trouble or a catastrophe that God is not blamed for. It is characteristic of the natural man to shift the blame to someone else; it is uncharacteristic of the disciple to do so." Hold up...rewind...think that through. (I did, for a few minutes....) Here's some insight from the book:

First, blaming God is the result of confused expectations. Sometimes we expect certain things to happen, but God allows different things to happen. If we do this, then we've programmed God too tightly, too rigidly...and then, when what we want to happen, doesn't...then we become bitter.

Second, it is the result of becoming too personally involved in the results. The book says this is dedication out of control. Results are always in God's hands, and we must not feel personally responsible for them.

So because tomorrow is our pre-production meeting at church. (I'm the program director for our services) I'm thinking of this in terms of what we do on the weekends. Do we have confused expectations? Is our dedication out of control?

Then we can't be personally involved in the results...those, we have to place in His hands. Our hearts must be open in all the planning and production points to what GOD wants and not what we want. Then what takes place is what God wants to happen and not what we think should happen.

I'm also thinking of this in terms of my trip to Africa that I'm taking in a week. I don't want to have different expectations than what God wants out of this trip. I've got to continually open myself up to be used of God with no expectations of my own. Just willing and open to be used the way God wants to use me. I know if I do this, then this trip will be incredible!

Be praying....

Oh, and now you can go back up to the top and find out who EF Hutton was! And I'd say, get this book now if you're looking for a challenging devotional book.


Anonymous said...

Good post.
I've added a link to your blog from mine.

Marianne said...

If I didn't know God so well, I'd be scared. This is one of many times this week that God has spoken to me about this very same thing. Basically it's, "not my will but yours be done." I told Bobby yesterday, "it's werid, no it's wonderful how God speaks to us." I've heard the same message in church last Sunday, in my women's study on Friday morning and in small group Friday night, in the book I just finished reading and now in this blog. I get the message. I'm just wondering what's around the corner. GOD is good, but sometimes HE does scare me.